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AUTO-LOK Opening/closing/locking boosters
3-position boosters will safely open, close and lock the rings. A cost-effective way to prevent the rings from opening accidentally if the binder is dropped or handled roughly. Keeps binder contents secure.

E-Z PRONG Prong Bushings - self-installing ring metals
Each metal contains its own attachment "system", eliminating the need to buy and employ rivets. Besides providing a strong installation, there are no rivet heads to interfere with artwork on the binder spine. Much more cost-effective than traditional "concealed rivet" construction. You can still use your standard rivet machines to install these metals.

E-Z TOUCH Self-locking Ring Metals
This revolutionary new design is the strongest and yet the safest locking mechanism available. The rings automatically lock whenever they are closed, so ring tension is unnecessary. The rings unlock and open easily with a "feather-soft" touch on the unique push-button opener. The opener is also flush with the metal chassis, so even over-sized sheets can be bound.

E-Z COMFORT Self-locking Ring Metals
Like the E-Z Touch feature above, the rings automatically lock whenever they are closed. Single upright booster has a cushioned covering for comfortable opening and closing action. Especially advantageous in the larger capacities.

SAFE & SILENT Opening/closing/locking metal with Status Window
Single cushion-clad 3-position opening/closing/locking booster for easy and safe operation. Unique Status Window shows whether rings are opened, closed or locked.

SOF-TRIGGERS Comfortable opening and closing boosters
Both boosters are clad with a cushioned material for exceptional comfort when opening and closing the rings.

SUPER-RING Special ring mesh feature
Provides smoothest page-turns and eliminates torn or snagged sheets. Each pair of rings is a "matched set". Probably the most important-ever improvement in ring design.

SUPER-RIB Reinforced Chassis design
By adding special stiffening ribs to the chassis, the result is a metal with improved rigidity and tension without the higher cost associated with heavier-gauge parts or wider bases.

E-Z LOAD Angled-D Ring modification
By modifying the straight ring of an Angled-D ring metal, sheets are more easily loaded into the binder, almost like loading a post binder.

SURROUND HOLE enhancement for mounting "ears" of non-booster ring metals
This re-design of the ends of non-booster metals is more attractive and provides more rigidity where the metal is riveted to the binder.

By providing a "secret" locking feature, the rings seem to be permanently locked, so binder contents remain intact, yet can be removed or changed when necessary.

CYBER SHIELD Color-clad chassis
The shield of these metals is coated with an attractive and protective colored material. Color-matching this coating, and even silk-screen decorating are all possible and can give you a truly customized finish to match your cover material and logos, artwork, etc.

SPECIAL FINISHES Color-matching, plating, "virtual plating" and more
You name it! We can color-match to any Pantone color, glossy or matte. We can electroplate and also can employ a new process that can emulate any gold-plated finish with greater durability and lower cost.